Since 1988, we have been providing high level consultancy and strategies to our clients. 

Our company delivers solutions that are designed specifically for each client, from entrepreneurs to global enterprises. 

Our Focus

Accel Alliance specializes in addressing the concerns of executives and implementing key structures for sustainable results.

Robert Oppenheimer, CEO of Accel Alliance, has worked with more than 7,500 clients from entrepreneurs to global enterprise companies.

Working with a specialized training program, Robert has trained more than 5,000 entrepreneurs and C-level executives to accelerate and sustain outcomes that exceeded their original intentions.

With his expertise and desire to resolve contention, Robert has participated in the restructuring of more than 700 companies and has directed more than 9,000 negotiations around the world, including the United States, Australia, Singapore, China, Canada, New Zealand, England, and European countries.

Robert also provides strategies in pending, current, and post-litigation matters. He understands what needs to be done to further assist our clients working closely with their attorneys in achieving their desired outcomes.

Robert Oppenheimer

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Oppenheimer has more than thirty years of experience in business development, conflict resolution, and strategy; increasing viability and profitability with business of all sizes. He advises key executives and boards of directors.

Team Members

We work with select professionals to facilitate the best outcomes for our clients.

Please contact us to discuss your particular matter and interest to identify the professionals we would assign to produce your desired results.

All professionals work under the direction and supervision of Mr. Oppenheimer.

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